What do you thing am i ugly, vute, handsome etc.?

this the photo i've been talking about. - what do you think?
February 5, 2010 10:24am CST
Ok, first of all i am not depressed i just wish to know exactly what you think of me (especially girls). IThere many girls who liked me but i didn't give them any attention i guess i was to immature to understand something like that. But since i'm 15 i wish to know what you girls really think of me. I've attached a photo with me however it's almost 2 years old so i am younger in this photo but even so it can't be a big diference in my appearence but it is to my body because i've been doing intense gym training with barbells and dumbells so my body is much more musclier (i have much more developed muscles) but that doesen't mean im a brainless muscle machine i can speak romanian, german, english, french and some sentences in japanese. So, going from all the details i've been writing down what do you girls think of me? I hope that the details i've been given about me aren't arrogant i don't take any pride in it. Thank you for listening my request:D Oh and im interested only how my face looks i know my hair sucks:D
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