what time of the year do you prefer to go shopping and why?

February 5, 2010 3:44pm CST
for me i prefer to go shopping in December. maybe it is because it is Christmas time time. What about you?
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@cycle6060 (118)
• India
5 Feb 10
Even I love to go shopping during December and January, the main reason being the weather. I hate to go during summer but if the necessity arises then I would go in the late evening or at night though the disadvantage is there of the place being over crowded.
@varron (453)
• Philippines
5 Feb 10
When I have enough money to but I will not favor any month to shop. Speaking of months to shop, I rather have to choose the month of December. Within this month,there's a lot of stores that performs Christmas or year end sales. They offer a wide variety of items in a low low prices. It is also great that you have something new in the Christmas season.Having to wear new shoes,clothes,having,new,cellphones,and other stuff are so so great. So I prefer to shop at Christmas time.
• Estonia
5 Feb 10
Well I don't have any certain times for shopping, I do it when I am having enough money and there are the things that I really want on sale. Still, I biggest shopping tours take place in the end of the summer, because then I usually have more money, earned during the summer period.
@shan0822 (436)
• United States
5 Feb 10
I kind the same as you! but I shop a lot, I like go shopping for clothes at the end of every season, because most of clothes will on sale, and had amazing discount, so I can save a lot. Even this clothes will on fashion in the next year, but for me saving money is kind important for me right now!
@doormouse (4619)
5 Feb 10
i don't care what time of year i go shopping,i love it at any time of the year,shopping is the best therapy ever invented