loving someone who's not over with their past?

February 5, 2010 8:39pm CST
Is it right to engage in a new relationship just to forget the one that you lost, just to help you get over with the one that leaves you? Have you been in love with someone who's not yet over with his/her ex and still love and care of their ex?
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• United States
6 Feb 10
It is not right at all engage in a relationship to forget the other person, because you are sacrificing yourself and playing with the feelings of the new partner, this is a very cruel game that can end up with someone getting very hurt. I was in that situation before, I had a boyfriend that started dating me, but he was not over his ex, of course I didn't knew about that, until I found out one day, that day it was very devastating but I took the decision of leaving. But it was very painful, because I was really in love of that guy, I was also very angry with him, and I remember asking him, why he started dating me if he was not over his ex, as I said before, that is a very cruel game that at the end everybody gets hurt.