7 things President Obama must do now!

United States
February 6, 2010 11:35am CST
The President was endanger of being painted into box, one which was not created by him, but never the less, was beginnging to crowd all around him. He is beginning to adjust and make moves to change the situation. Here are seven things his administration must do. 1. Engage and gently push the Repubublicans. Engage them in a dialogue like he did in Baltimore. He must understand that the tone and mood cannot be swayed by setting back and letting Republicans manipulate the tone. He must engaged them and continue to show the American People he trying to get things done. 2. Rearrange some Terror related security decisions. Arrange another high security area on an island like Puerto Rico or American Samoa to house and try terrorist. Send the christmas bomber there. Turn Guantanemo into a State Department facility that coordinates and leads the recovery in Haiti. 3. Continue to provide small business incentives. Small business will help restart the economy. Reduce the credit loan ration so that more people with bad credit can get credit. 4. Sell NASA for 500 billion. Sell NASA to a corsortium of US companies such as Ford, Continental and Chevron, make a stipualtion that all companies must be 75 percent US owned and have to be approved by the State Depatment. 5. Propose adding 5 states to the union. Propose adding American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Washington DC, The Phillipines, and Guam. Each would pay at least 15 billion dollars for Joining with Washington DC given a pass as being already apart of the 50 states. 6. Institute a system of American missionaries of all faiths Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Seventh day Adventist, etc, to go overseas in war areas to promote Americanism . They would be a priority of the US military.Set up stores, schools and other American enterprises to show the American way. 7. Use Michelle Obama more: It time to take to protection off and let her free. She has been called the closer. Let her start speaking especially about health care. She is warm, she's a mother and she has a down to eath way of putting things. These are the seven things Obama must do.
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