what happened here

August 30, 2006 11:34am CST
Part 9 Why is this happening? Well one view is when we were just the television we felt as though we were missing something, and we only felt nothing but joy, love, and peace. So again why are we here? Well that is a question that many people have tried to answer. Some of the answers were that because we craved to experience other things. For when we were the television with no channels we knew everything. So we created a universe with in ourselves. The problem was that when we started, we started knowing everything. So there was nothing new to experience. How can you experience something new when we already experienced it? Well the only other solution was to forget what we know. The problem is how do we stop it from continuing when we choose not to continue it? What reason will we have to end it? What may have happened is we may have decided on was imputing a few basic beliefs or programs for lack of a better word, so we keep the essence of who we really are. Some of us have a need to want to better ourselves in order to reach enlightenment. Others have forgotten too much and have become so immersed in the illusion that they live through the ego, (the part of the mind that is considered to be the contious mind) and believe that we are completely apart and separated from everything.
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