Wireworm Control

@EvrWonder (3580)
February 6, 2010 4:20pm CST
Another year upon us. The garden is sitting dormant, waiting for the compost and tilling. We have had, in the past problems with wire worms so i have been researching. We do rotate our crops but still, our potatoes, carrots and turnips get the wire worm damage bad. This makes it tough to gain quality vegetables. To me, this year, this is so important as I plan on growing for resell. Something I am so looking forward to. Do you have a problem with wire worms or have you and if so, what have you done? Do you still get them? They sure make a mess of my otherwise scrumptious carrots! During research, I have found that some people make traps for the wire worm, some use chemicals (which I rather not). Recently I have read about the use of diatinatious earth, which is natural and also known as fossil flour. I am wondering if there any MyLot Gardeners who have used this as a means to try and control the wire worm? All responses are very much appreciated.