Have you ever had a console banned from live?

February 6, 2010 4:40pm CST
Between the months of October and November microsoft started coming down hard on consoles that had gone against their ToS. Unfortunatly, my console was 1 out of millions that were banned due to the fact that it was modded. I knew the risk that my console could be banned lol but i didn't really care because i have 20+ consoles lol. So my question to you all is.... Have you ever had a console banned from live??
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• United States
28 Jun 10
I have never had a console banned from live, though I can point out one nice thing about the ban-wave. Banned consoles sell online for about 40% of retail, so if you don't plan on playing live, that's the buy for you. :D
• United States
28 Apr 10
My console got banned about a year back, I was hoping it could get unbanned, but I had to buy a new one to play online. Load of BS!
• India
24 Apr 10
I survived the whole ban wave. i did not get banned. I think something extraoridnary is stopping my console from being banned
• United States
8 Feb 10
my console was banned fo it being modded but the funny thing is that i played fallout (which i didnt pay for) and i bought all of the expansions and the sent me mail through xbox live and they gave me a free premium theme for being an avid fallout player. for a game i didnt own. lol