Migration??Or stay where you are now?

February 6, 2010 6:08pm CST
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, Are you happy or do you enjoy where you are currently living now? Do you earn enough in your country? You do not like how your Government rules or poor Livingstyle in your country? If you have a chance to leave your country now, where would you like to move to? Why? State your reasons and let's discuss?
2 responses
@dirky007 (101)
• China
12 Feb 10
I were given a chance ,i would like toi choose migration.Currently,i live in a city not far away from my hometown,and i have litttle salary.In the year coming, i will travel to a city thousands miles away from my hometown,but it's still within my country. I have to move ,because i can earn more money.
@saphrina (31739)
• South Africa
9 Feb 10
To be honset. I want to move to anyplace, i don,t care where. As long as there are peace and quit, a corruption free government, no toadies and no crime. In my dreams, i don,t think so. There must be such a place somewhere on this wonderfull earth. I am actually so sick and tired of this country, i can pop a vessel.