how i can withdraw money from paypal

February 7, 2010 1:01am CST
hi my lotters how i can withdraw money from paypal.actually i am using ptc sites and what i know is that when we reached minimum payout of any ptc site then we have to request for money and ptc site send money to payment processor(paypal or alertpay or someoneelse)from where u can withdraw money into ur bank i right or u have some more information to add or someother brief explanation
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@jwl890 (47)
7 Feb 10
yeah you can send the money to your bank account if you set it up with paypal, if your having trouble doing that you could always spend the paypal money on ebay, or any other sites that take paypal as a payment.
@hatimyal (1517)
• India
7 Feb 10
yaa you are right. but just as i see you are from india i would suggest you to read my blog and see the update about paypal has temporarily suspended all the transaction to and from indian accounts. Regards
@sumitsonu (599)
• India
7 Feb 10
You can withdraw the money from paypal into your bank account or your credit card. I have withdrawn the money in my bank account many times. It takes around 3-4 days to reach your account. So just register your bank account and withdraw.
@jyzl999 (182)
• China
7 Feb 10
I think different country have different ways,so maybe you should tell us which country are you come from?I think there are something in common to withdraw money,first is ask check form paypal,and contact to a local bank who can exchange the us dollar check to your local currence,but the fee is not cheaper.secondly,you can find some person who buy paypal dollars with your local currency,it is easy,but the exchange rate is lower,and you maybe find a cheater who receive your money and do not send your money.
@bnx2212 (713)
• Philippines
7 Feb 10
Yeah you are right. You can withdraw and put it in your savings account. But there's a little problem right now regarding India and Paypal. I hope it will be resolved soon.
• United States
7 Feb 10
That seemse to be correct, but to transfer the money to your bank account, you first have to link your bank account to your Paypal account...