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South Africa
February 7, 2010 1:23pm CST
Things have turned really nasty for me, i just had a huge fight with my dad, and we were really close and stuff but i guess eventually you just give in and basically we wrote each other off. i mean im only 20, and now i dont even have a cent on me, like literally i gotta worry bout how im gonna get to university. you know iv been searching through pages and pages on how to make money and have literally signed up for this and that only to realize that they just want to make money out of me. i mean how do you make money without having any yourself. im bust struggeling with clickbank at the moment, and i just cant seem to get anywhere. so guys please please if you can help me out in any way with any tips , please i just need to get back up on to my feet and try to do this on my own, i would really appreciate guys. thanks a lot for taking your time to read this
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@pastorkayte (2255)
• United States
8 Feb 10
There are many different sites that will help you, my suggestion if you really need a lot of money is to learn how to write. Get your writing skills up and take on freelance jobs. The pay is fine, you work for yourself and you make money. To get practice before becoming a freelancer, take a few months to practice on Helium, Bukisa or Triond. Those will give you a pretty good income and help you learn how to make writing a skill. After improving your writing, then you should sign up and bid on assignments at Get a Freelancer.
• South Africa
8 Feb 10
thanks for the suggestions hey, i app it
@Hubfee (665)
• Thailand
9 Feb 10
Come on.... family fight. He's your father, the one who made you born to this world. You're the daugther so it's not embarrassed at all for you to approach him first. There are many ways to find the money but I don't like to tell you because I worry if you think, as long as you can find the money then you don't have to care your father, mother or your family. Once, you get reconcile with your dad already then I'll give you some secret tips to earn money. Anyway, don't forget that no matter it's your saving money you're spending while still have fight with your dad but you have a chance to save those money because he gave you the money. You know having debt, there are many way to pay back but the gratitude is the only way to pay back the debt you have to your family. It depends on you how gratitude you are and how gratitude you will be acting towards them.