What happened here?

United States
February 7, 2010 2:28pm CST
I was once friends with two girls who could not stand each other. I kept trying to get them to gie each other a chance, but they refused. Then one day I was sick so I didn't go to school. The next day, I return and they are the best of friends. They started excluding me of things and having inside jokes/secrets. What happened here? Have you ever had this happen to you?
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@Allie_xoxo (1064)
• Canada
7 Feb 10
A girl did this to me in 4th grade to be mean but I don't think thats what your friends are doing here, fortunantely they've gotten a chance to see in eachothwer what you always said was there. They should be greatful to you for seeing a possible friendship when they refused. If the exclusion continues, talk to them. As someone with many dear friends I know that I would want to hear from them if I was doing something wrong. GOOD LUCK
@donsky14 (5963)
• Philippines
7 Feb 10
No...it hasn't really happened to me yet. But have you tried talking to either one of them about it?