Is 20dollars2surf and tickerbar legit or scam?

February 7, 2010 7:29pm CST
Guys actually i have joined 2 autosurf programs 20dollars2surf and tickerbar(greenhorse) iam not able to figure out whether these programs are legit or scam.. can u pls post your experience with these sites here..
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@Lucky12 (770)
• United States
8 Feb 10
Sometimes you can go to im report card and look up the names of the sites and see if there are some reviews. I have not use them either, but I would suggest trying to find a review or just try it and see.
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@cyberfluf (5005)
• Netherlands
8 Feb 10
I agree im report card is a good way to go. I try to look up programs before I start using them aswell. Most of the time if programs sound to good to be true; they are! I once spend a lot of time on trafficjunky to find out that it was a scam once I had reached payout; I'm not letting that happen to me a second time so I check review sites and ask friends before I join and put my time and effort into a program.
@bnx2212 (713)
• Philippines
8 Feb 10
We are on the same shoes buddy. I just continued using them. Then when I reach the minimum payout I'll try to cash out. But if they won't pay me then I'll uninstall there bars since it's annoying sometimes. lol. Don't you want to be a job Agent instead?
• Vienna, Austria
21 Apr 11
wat job agent?
@BixBax (176)
• Austria
8 Feb 10
I have never heard about ticketbar, but I know that 20dollars2surf is legit surfbarr. My friends have got proof's of payment. By the way there are limit in earning, you're allowed to earn 10.000 points each month it's equal to $1- max. 2$ without referrals.
• India
8 Jul 11
i ahve joined it yesterday and made 1000 points already... i have seen in a site that 1000 points is equal to $0.1087 ..not bad by doing nothing
@faby2k (62)
• Jamaica
29 Nov 12
I think this site is a scam. I have requested payment from the 2/2/11 and to date i have not received my payment. When i write to admin all they can say is that i will soon be paid. I cant even post anything in there forum so i would say that this site is a scam.
@crizgram (10)
• Philippines
16 Jul 11
20dollars2suef for me it is not good coz coz many pop came out to my computer, so i used to uninstall it, tickerbar, im just join it one day ago i just tried it. what i can recommend to you is vagex coz i already get paid on it which is 10 dollar minimum and it is really fast to generate money. the longer your computer is open that is fast money generate. If interested i will attach my link here. after you register just go to Earn free credits and 8 ways to earn is there.. Good luck.
• Malaysia
6 Nov 10
how about this. you go to cyber cafe,and install the cashbar to all the computer(without knowing by the owner of course!),and see what happen. my opinion is,since no log in is require after we start up the computer,means we can let other people gain money for us to what?? how about just install the cashbar to our friends computers for example and let it running.but i think they would uninstall that because you know,they are annoying. and for your information,i can get 2000 points just for 3 days without referal... just use the computer about 15 hours a day...[let your family surf the net too :) ]
@saphrina (31740)
• South Africa
8 Feb 10
Sorry, i really have no idea. Never heard of them. TATA.