2D or 3D

February 7, 2010 7:45pm CST
In watching movies on theater , which will you prefer?.. I am fond on watching movies in 3D because it feels like you are in the movie, it is cool when the 3D movie is an action kind of movie. It makes more real than 2D.
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@shan0822 (436)
• United States
8 Feb 10
Actually I just watch 3D once, for avatar, My husband and me went to watch 3D, and it's really fun and feel I was really in the moives. I think I will watch 3D more. esoecially for action moives. But I kind fell headache when I watch 3D for too long time! I will prefer to 3D in action moives, but about love moive I will still prefer 2D
• Philippines
8 Feb 10
hi shan0822. I also watch Avatar in 3D last december. The impact is so great, in comparison in watching Avatar in 2D, it so lame.
• Philippines
10 Feb 10
Hello cute_poporing have a nice and pleasant day..... Last night I watch the movie where it is a 3d movie and im so amazed when I compare it to 2, 3d was very realistic and it is cool to the eyes and there are many features where 2d dont have.
8 Feb 10
I am still a fan of 2D because not very many movies actually manage to use 3D to full effect. For example "The Final Destination" was in 3D and there were very few moments where the 3D really added anything extra to the viewing pleasure. That is the thing, if a movie is in 3D it needs to use it to maximum effect so it offers something truly special to the viewing rather than just being a gimmick to get more bums on seats and paying for higher priced tickets.
@ank_47 (1963)
• India
8 Feb 10
in childhood days i watched 3D once ,that time i was scary in some scenes as figure comes to me too close.but now a days i didnt see 3D upto now and i will enjoy it if i see now. mostly i see 2D only now,as this type of movies only will come in my country. now a days any 3D movie didnt come here in my country. if avatar comes here,i will see in 3D only.i like to see that movie in 3D only. if the movie is not scary,i will enjoy more than before.
• Malaysia
8 Feb 10
I prefer 2D movies. I've watched 3D movies several times but my eyes got very tired in the middle of the movie and I wanted to close my eyes.
@ErrSmth (39)
• Indonesia
8 Feb 10
for me 3D or 2D is not much diffrent. i don't really care wether it's in 3D or 2D what is important for me was the sense of togetherness that i care about. the sense of watching the film with firends or family, see how they respond to certain part of the movie. but if i watch alone i prefer 2D becuase you don't really pay attention to the deatils more to the stroy line. and it is less expensive.