Right time to do blind dates

February 7, 2010 9:03pm CST
frankly, i m pushing 24. people always say" come on, lily. find someone to date" i broke up with my ex half an year ago.then i was hurt. (economical factor.reality is reality. xD. maybe i m less realistic than my ex)it s natural when you are sick or lonely,you really need someone's shoulder and warm hugs. people around me always encourage me to do blind dates. maybe it s a better way to find the right person. i dont know yet.recently i have been seeing some shows about blind dates, oh, my gosh. i cant expose myself on TV. HAHA.you know what, one voice in my heart is telling me: go ahead, you will find one during the blind dates. so my question is" Is it a goood way to find your true love? or How many OF YOU are against this kind of dates? p.s. my ideal boyfriend or husband. 1. honest; amibitous; responsible; interesting. caring; filial 2. not tooo short; enable to lift me 5. afford to a house DO YOU think these are too strict to choose BF?
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@andy77e (5165)
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21 Feb 10
Well you lost me on ambitious. Everything fairly reasonable though. I would maybe be loose on affording the house. If you have a good man, he'll eventually be able to get a house. As for blind dating, I'd never do that. Just... not going to happen.