Irratic sleeping patterns in infant

February 8, 2010 5:29am CST
So my son is now 10 months old, and for the past 2-3 weeks he has been up all night. We've tried so many things to get him to sleep through the night but nothing seems to work. I eve kept him away for 10 hours straight, put him to bed, and withen 2 hours he was awake, and stayed awake from midnight till about 8am. I dont know what to do to change this and could use any advice other mothers or fathers may have to offer. It is extremly hard on me cause i am 5 months pregnant, and my husband works every morning so it has been me who has to stay up all night with him. Please Help. Thanks
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@jes2ie (50)
• Singapore
8 Feb 10
Hi kschilling, Congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy=) Oh dear, kind of understand the situation. Just to share my experience - My son has to be patted to sleep EVERY night till he was almost 1+ years old (both my DH & I were so exhausted after that!). It was really tough to get him to sleep/on some days, stay asleep. But thankfully, he just miraculously got over it one night and went to sleep on his own!=) I'm not sure how I can help but maybe these suggestions may work: 1) Try not to get him over-stimulated prior his bedtime, e.g. watching excitable shows, stimulating playtime 2) Establish a routine to wind down prior to bedtime, e.g. an hour before bedtime to take a relaxing bath - drink a cup of warm milk - brush teeth - reading or chatting for a while in bed (mine was to have a short bedtime prayer=)) 3) If he wakes up at night, do not engage in conversations/talk to him - stay firm 3) If he is taking long naps in the daytime, do cut down on those 4) You may want to see if there is anything that may be keeping him awake, e.g. is it too hot/cold, too noisy, too bright, etc... just some examples 5) It may also be a phase he's going through and which he will outgrow it soon Hope you find a stress-free way which works for you. I wish you peace of mind and a great pregnancy!
• Canada
11 Feb 10
Thanks for your advice, as of right now still nothing is working, but i have faith that he will fall back into a regular pattern. I feel a lot of his sleeping problems began when i became pregnant, so im a little worried about how he will be once the new baby comes, but i hope he'll be a good big brother.
@dgtempe1 (88)
• United States
12 Feb 10
Hello. I am just going to tell you what i used to do, and it wont take long I got a rocking chair, and i would bundle him up and rock him lightly and sing crazy soft made up songs (when i ran out of material lol) and put my free hand over his eyes very lightly. Keep singing very softly and rocking and use the hand. Within 2 weeks you wont need the rocking chair anymore. Just pick him up, bundled and start singing your soft songs, bounce him a little on the way to the bedroom and he should go to sleep for you. I did this with my children and all my grandchildren and it works like a charm. Good luck and i hope you let me know if it works if you chose to do it.