For the sake of love month

@becdmd (705)
February 8, 2010 6:49am CST
well valentines day is fast approaching...I don't want to sound cheezy but I can't help but ask some questions about finding love and I just want to know: Do you believe in "love at first sight?" or get attracted physically before you fell in love with the person...Is looks really important? Have you experience...having a crush with someone whom you doesn't even really know, Just seeing the person eye to eye yet you feel a strange feeling you can't explain... You want to get to know the person but your paths do not cross yet? Are you doing your part in finding true love? or just wait for love to come your way? Everyone is free to express their feelings...Share the love
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@asendud (318)
• Indonesia
6 Nov 10
i don't know.. maybe yes, but if that yes. i think i often fall in love.. there is much beautiful girl in a street. like beautiful girl. i like see her eyes. than other part of her.
• India
8 Feb 10
Hello, I don't believe in love at first sight. There is nothing you can predict about a person at "first sight". Only sufficiently wise and a person with quite strong mental framework may be successful in predicting something genuine at first sight. As most of us are just ordinary persons with ordinary point of views, I would suggest a friendship as a good initiation. In a friendship you come to know lots of things about your friend, and if you are quite stable yourself, it is also possible to get a full knowledge about what kind of person he or she is. Then comes a time when you have to take serious decision about advancing the relationship to the next level. I think a positive "yes" should be there only if he thinks that the particular person is mentally compatible with him. The decision should, by no means, be depend on how much attachment the person has, or how much dependent she is on him. As this decision has all the potentials to change your life, you should take it seriously and from a truly indifferent ground. God bless you all
@Aaleexix (2291)
• India
8 Feb 10
People may believe on not but love always in the first sight. Though love occurs in first sight but love does not depend on the looks. Love at first sight does not means that love at looks. Love in first sight is a feeling and can't be expressed in word. People can fall in love at any moment. And all love not last long. Some love of first sight remain in mind as memories. Sweet but passionate memories those are.