I treated backne and how have acne on my face

@vjsinduja (1035)
Sri Lanka
February 8, 2010 9:25am CST
I had backne for years, I tried doctor's prescriptions creams and medications but no use and then I got along with home remedies. I had two times wash a day. For one wash, I use Head & Shoulders Shampoo every day and for the other wash, I used Baking Soda, Grange Peel, Garlic Paste, Mustard Seed paste,Lemon Juice, Tomatoes paste and alll.. Now my backne is ok but i have acne on my cheeks. While treating my backne, I also applied all the ingredients on my face as well so I won't get acne on my face.. but then I am getting acne on my face. I also use Acne face cleanser.. What am i to do now.... Is it becoz I am treating my backne. it's affecting my face... Please I need solutions.. My face looks ugly with those acne blemishes and scars
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