Don't you ever hate getting mood swings?

@pipayst (140)
February 8, 2010 10:48am CST
When I get angry I go all out. Then after a few minutes it disappears like it was never there and I'd get so embarrassed for acting like a raving idiot. There are also times when I wish I could hold on to my anger for a little longer because some situations call for me to hold onto it but the fight would just leave me.
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@mjcookie (2274)
• Philippines
8 Feb 10
I rarely get mood swings. It takes a lot to get me mad. And when I do get mad, I don't lash out, like yelling or throwing things. In fact, I have never really gotten too enraged in my entire life because I don't know how to express it that way. I just cry it all out secretly, and then afterwards I feel a lot better. Most of the time I just keep it to myself, but not in an unhealthy way, because just like you, I forget things easily. I don't wanna burst into total madness, scare people, and then regret it later.
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@careal (25)
• Philippines
21 Mar 10
I also get mood swings most of the time! hehe! Maybe that's natural for a girl to get mood swings due to changes of hormones in our body..Anyway, what I did every time I Have mood swings, I just think of happy thoughts then eat a lot of sweets or sometime sour foods...It worked for me...LOL! try it! maybe it will work for you..