Who has had the better career in your eyes, The Miz or John Morrison?

@hbk2244 (180)
United States
February 8, 2010 1:01pm CST
While both have yet to reach the prime of their career, who would you say has been more impressive? I say Morrison by a land slide. He's been a multi-time Tag Team Champion as well as holding the I/C and ECW Titles. On top of that, he's much more entertaining to watch in the ring. What do you think?
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• Australia
23 Apr 10
I have to say John Morrison. I think he has been a better performer throughout not just his singles career but even when he was tag team with miz. Miz is good but he just has a big mouth. We havent really gotten a chance to see what he can really do. I mean he hardly ever defends his titles?! Whats up with that. So yes Morrison is better so far.
@sion316 (228)
9 Mar 10
Hmm toughie, I think overall it has to be Morrison as he has been in the company longer and has had the best storylines and matches not to forget titles. But if i am talking about currently you can not take it away from the Miz. The Miz has really improved since the days when he was hosting little diva segments on smackdown and he has the US and Unified Tag titles around him. He has also been showed up to be one of the top heels on the Raw brand and in my opinion his storyline with Daniel Bryan on NXT is stealing the show.
@MrKennedy (1994)
11 Feb 10
After the initial split of Mizorrison (as I like to call them), I honestly believed The Miz was on the verge of being given the dreaded "We wish him well on his future endeavours" treatment, whilst Morrison was riding high. However now, the tables have turned drastically. Before, I hated The Miz and wanted him off my screen. Now, he is currently my favourite superstar alongside Punk and Jericho, and I honestly believe he IS the future of WWE. However, Morrison has sort of remained in the mid-level, mainly due to I believe his lack of charisma (which is why The Miz is rising to the top, because he CAN work the mic as well as wrestle). And the fact that The Miz currently holds THREE DIFFERENT WWE Championships leads me to believe a push up the ranks is to be expected. I cannot wait
@sheetalnr (590)
• India
11 Feb 10
I feel the same that, they have to be pushed more. They should be featured in the main events and at the same time they need to work more on giving spectacular matches. This being said...... i see John Morrison doing big things in the feature.
• United States
10 Feb 10
Thus far, Morrison has had the better career. He's held the tag titles multiple times, had the ECW title, and the IC belt as well. Plus he is constantly getting great matches against top talent on Smackdown and even Raw for a bit. The Mix is catching up though, and really both men are pretty close to being equals as far as their standing right now, even though the Mix holds more gold, at anytime Morrison can be slotted into the main event of the Smackdown brand. Who will have the best career in the long run is anyone's question though.
• China
10 Feb 10
Thinking of the two,John Morrison has more talented of wrestling while The Miz is a better entertainer.So I think both of them will have great career.
@megamatt (14329)
• United States
10 Feb 10
John Morrison is the better one out of the two, no question about it. Morrison has had years of impressive matches. He was part of one of the greatest tag teams in the last decade, MNM. Sadly, they were all too short lived but from what they did was good. Plus, once Morrison became a singles star, he was entertaining on ECW, RAW, and Smackdown, having a number of entertaining matches. He should be main eventing within the next couple of years. He is one of the reasons to watch Smackdown. The Miz on the other hand, well I'll give the guy this. He has improved a lot since he started out. For years, I wanted to gouge my eyes out when I was the Miz, because he just was not that good in the ring. Now, he's a perfectly acceptable midcard talent. His best work has been teaming with John Morrison. Still, he has improved a great deal. Still, I just do not see the Miz being a main eventer. There is just something that looks inherently goofy about him that I can take seriously. He will be a good top of the bottom or bottom of the top guy. But don't hold your breath for The Miz, main event superstar and WWE Champion. Then agan, much stranger things have happened in this wacky world of wrestling. Still, out of the two, John Morrison is the better talent.
• United States
10 Feb 10
I think morrison is gonna have a better career miz is using big show to get what he wats
@lealuvy2j (1989)
• Philippines
9 Feb 10
I have to agree with Morrison having a better career however I think The Miz is now catching up because if ever he does win the Unified tag team championship belts with the Big show, that would be a huge step for him and I usually see more screen time for The Miz than Morrison lately which makes me think that the WWE wants The Miz's Career to advance. Remember the RAW VS. SMACKDOWN Pay per view? Miz won against John Morrison during PPV and he did not win because he cheated, he won because he pinned Morrison. Such situations makes me conclude that the WWE management indeed favor The Miz over Morrison.