A new life with a new job.

February 8, 2010 9:35pm CST
Hi mylotters...I just want to share with everyone a change in my life...I was eagerly wanting another job and with gods blessings i got a new job after 2 years looking for one. There is so many difference in this current job compared to my provious job...I worked as a customer service officer where I had to handle inbound calls and basically it was a routine based job. We were not exposed to anything else apart from phone answering skills. However, I am feeling the difference in my current employer as I have to attend voice conference meeting with the other country deligates, respond to emails and most importantly my phone does not ring frequently...I feel myself in cloud 9 where everything here is unexpected..But one thing I am missing my coworkers alot...Anyone have experienced this,.., Regards Thanusha
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@eshaan (6193)
• India
12 Feb 10
Congrats on having a new job.......i am a house-wife ...so no experience of enjoying the job..i am happy working for my family and kids ..i wish u all the best for your future progress and good payment from job
@magic9 (981)
• China
9 Feb 10
yeah, I am going to change my job too, doing the same job in different company. I'm really fed up with working for others. Maybe it's time for me start doing something of my own. Hope my determination overcomes my hesitation this year.
@bodhisatya (2384)
• India
9 Feb 10
Congrats for your new work! I think you will make friends here at the new place pretty soon too.
• Philippines
9 Feb 10
Congratulations friend.. I think It's time for you to adjust and adopt with your new environment. Well good luck and I hope that you will be succesful with you new job. There is no constant in this world that's why we cant avoid from any unexpected things that might come in our lives. So just take those unexpected things as a challenge for attaining you goal.