Dhoni learned from his mistake but will the others do?

February 9, 2010 1:24am CST
hi friends.yesterday dhoni got out to harris in a weird way so he is making sure that he doesnt get out the same way by padding up with his bat above his head.good thinking. but what about the others? our last 5 lower order batsmen? when the proteas toured here last time,steyn cleaned up the tail quickly,not once,not twice but including this match 4 times if u dont include the other innings. and its always the same.reverse swinging incoming balls,either get bowled or leg before. is it that hard to play an incoming delivery? you pretty much know he is going to hit the middle and off stump.why cant you just defend it? showing all 3 stumps to a good bowler is plain stupid remember he is the guy who couldn't clean up the tail during the england series. oh well i am wasting my breath.
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