Have you ever feel bore with your partner???

@saanjh (784)
February 9, 2010 5:04am CST
some time I feel bore with boy friend when he irritate me and I feel that I will broke up, have you ever feel that????
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@cintoy (1014)
• Indonesia
9 Feb 10
how many years/months have you got together? In a relationship, there will always be obstacles. You will quarrel, angry, bored, and/or tired between each other. That's the obstacle. what you will need to do is to think clearly: What does he mean to you. Is the feeling of boredom you have right now is just because he shows lack of passion towards you or it's just his type or something. find out the problem. Any problem can be resolved and if you have found the right guy, dun you think that this barrier is just too easy and naive for you?
• India
9 Feb 10
Yes i do get bore because all the time he irritates me a lot and behaves like a kid which i don't like. But i never thoughts of giving him break up but try to control myself only and i also suggest u the same thing.