words you wanna say to your mom if she was with you right now?

February 9, 2010 5:20am CST
It was September 14 2009 between 3:00am to 5:00am my mom passed away. During that time I wasn't home and I just got a call from my sister about the incident. I was shocked by the news. I hurried going home to see my mom on the her bed still with eyes open. I came to her side and closed her eyes. She can finally rest now after suffering for almost 2 years of being bed-ridden. At that point I'm not sure of what I had felt at that time, if I was relieve that my mom's suffering has ended or if I'm so devastated (I was planning to take her out on my birthday which was on the 16th.) Till this day I'm still coping up with my lost. All I ever wanted to say to my mom was I'm sorry for all the things that I have made her sad and I am very proud to have her as my mom. And most of all... THANK YOU MAMA. in memory of my mom Salvacion L Miranda Good Mother, Wife, Friend, Teacher
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• Philippines
7 Mar 10
yes your right its really feel so bad if your mother left you without you telling how sorry you are for everything that make her sad. but then even if its hard to see our mother go we still need to accept and be happy for it as we know that shes in peace already than seeing her suffering in bed for many years. thats why its really important to make our mother feel that they are important to us while they are still here. i always tell i love you to my mother whenever i have the chance. and whenever i see her i always give her a warm and tight hug and kiss since we seldom see each other. and whenever she visited us here in the city, i always makes sure that i sleep beside her even just for few days before she went back to the province.
• India
9 Feb 10
Sorry friend for incident it was really painful for that time and yes even i also love my mom and she is always with me and guides me a lot. In this whole world i love my mom very much and i don't wanna lose her at any cost and i do respect my mom.