If your parents discovered your secrets,what will you do?

February 9, 2010 6:33am CST
Every cupboard has its skeleton.Everyone has its own secret.Some people like to put them down in the diary;including some bloopers,the romantic affaires in the early times... everyone has curiosity.Once your diary has been read by your parents,your secrets will be exposed.That is the most uneasy thing you might have ever experienced. If your parents discovered your secrets,what will you do?Please join us in this topic.
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• India
3 Mar 10
Well i ll really be very disappointed and worrying for this.. but if at all this happens i ll have no other go but to console and sway away their minds telling lies.. thats the thing that i ll do probably.. but presently i dont have other ideas.. sorry friend..
@jasmeena (850)
• Indonesia
19 Feb 10
Well..maybe, at first i feel a little bit offended, but i will tell the truth. And for moms, they shouldn`t blame their children solely because they keep their secrets from you. They do that maybe, because they can`t communicate well with their moms, or moms tend to blame and blame without listening and understanding what really happened to their kids.
@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
12 Feb 10
hello pengyachu, huh! i ahve been in this situation when my mom accidentally saw my diary when i was in highschool, and maybe out of her curiosity she reads it! she have read my confessions there that i like this guy and this & that. she even read there my feelings about our family which is in troubles then as well as my feelings towards my father... she told me about what she have read and we talked about it. i feel embarrassed of course but what can i do? i can't deny those facts anymore since it is written already and i do have my signatures there... i also feels upset on my mom's act but not for long, coz i think it do help us a lot. it helps that she found out how i feel , that she read there some things that i can't tell them directly. and so after that, she put an action on it, and somehow it helps us to improve our relationships at home...and make them realize, specially my father the things that they are lacking. but of course changes does not come over night, it comes little by little. the incidence just starts the changes...
@happy2512 (1266)
• Philippines
9 Feb 10
Its really very awkward at first to talk about it. But I always open up to them especially if it happened years past the only secret I keep from them are those that they cannot accept. I never right it down in the diary its just in my mind I won't even ta about it to my very best of friends. I will not do something to make them hate me too much.