What's up with the losing streak???

@choybel (5059)
February 9, 2010 6:41am CST
Kobe's winning shots during the previous games made me all excited but now they seem to be having problems.It's really disappointing and what's worse is the team that I hate, which is Cavalier's, is going to the top fast with Lebron James bringing their team.I do hope Kobe Bryant is going to step up again to his A-game and bring Lakers to the championship.
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• Romania
25 Feb 10
choybel i agree with you. Kobe will step up again and win the championship. His knows that in the next years, younger players will dominate, and he wants to chalk up a lot of championships. Even if Cavaliers have a good team, Lakers can beat them because they come from 2 years when they were in the finals, and they have experience. I do not contest that Lebron James is a good player but Kobe fits in better with his team. I don`t know if you watch soccer, but now Cavaliers are like Real Madrid. They gathered a lot of star players, but i don`t think this is the key of succes. I predict a final between Lakers and Cavaliers.
@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
25 Feb 10
I did watch soccer before but not anymore, I am familiar with Real Madrid. Yes, I agree, Kobe has got more reasons to bring the Lakers to championship and I'd really love to see them against the Cavs in the finals. I want a game that will settle this dispute once and for all and I believe it can only be done through a finals match up between this two teams.
22 Apr 10
you know. the losing streaks and the downfall is not just a negative image maker for a RECENT CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM. but a BIG BUMP AND SHAKE TO THEIR HEAD. why? it makes them motivated to add and improve what particular things they lack. Kobe's winning shot is awesome and undeniably SWEET. but remember. KOBE is playing with an injury in his fingers. (forgot the particular part.) but they won games. now, the injury got sore. now they lose games. for me. this losing streaks would motivate and give the LAKERS team a chance to improve. SHAKE their heads that they are not that so perfect. that is why they need to improve.