Do average people mean incompetent?

February 9, 2010 6:56am CST
We prefer simple,flat life. Then when we work, we only want to do well in our duty. Don't require more development. Although we finish our work in a responsible way, deal with others humbly, we are also regarded as common people without enterprise. Are you this kind of person who dawdles in his company? Do you have this kind of problem? Is there this kind of person around you? What do you think of them?
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• China
9 Feb 10
I don`t entirely agree with this thought. We should not only do well in our duty but also pursue some more development. This development can be in many kinds,after finishing our duty we can find other meaningful things to do,for axample,we can help other colleagues with their work or we can simply do some cleaning making a better work environment.To work only for work is not a good way to do with our duty,those people ,in my mind, give up their opportinute to do better and to challenge themselves.