Why they chooose to go to bar to drink whey they are upset

February 9, 2010 7:01am CST
Today, a friend who I met on skype told me that he was upset,and wants to go to a bar for drinking,asking me for a better bar here.I tried my best to make him happy, but failed, for I am not good at comforting others,so I told him it was better for him to drink in a bar, which may make him get better. Well, I notice that most of persons prefer drink at a bar than do other things when you are upset.Sometimes, I don't understand,and I never do like this.There has a sentence in a poem in China "Drinking simply makes things worse".
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• India
11 Feb 10
Drinking does not make anything worse until, the person become addict to it. Well, you did not say that your friend is an addict. Sometimes when people drink, it softens their mood. And helps them focus on other things. I would not blame anybody for drinking once in while. And yes, if it is once in a while, please donot try to advice him. That guy needs those personal freedom. I would stay out of it. It would help him.