Thoughts and purpose of life

@123nnj (47)
February 9, 2010 9:13am CST
What is the purpose of our life we should know. A life without any purpose is nothing. Most of the great man and woman became in the world great because they know what they have to do in the life and how to do. The end purpose of our life must me known by us, and we must work for that in life, Also the purpose of our life must be of our intrest so that we can comletely do our best efforts to achive and complete that purpose. No dought the barriers come in our life to achive our goals but we must have to stick to our purpose.
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• India
9 Feb 10
Hi 123nnj..How are you..? You are very correct. There must be some aims in our life..Without aims if you want to live then there is no meaning at all in our life.. Aims in life is like salt in food..Without salt how would we feel our food..Would we like to enjoy the food... Life is also like that only.. When we are walking on the road..we have certainly aim of our walk..we already plan where to go..then only we start walking...we enjoy the walking.. we speed up our walking ..because we would like to reach our destination on time...If no aim..that walking becomes worthless.. First we should make life aims.. then start doing towards achieving those aims...One thing we should bear in our mind...Our aims should be reasonable and realistic and our activities for achieving those aims should be honest and without causing injuries to other's feelings. I think by this time you should have made up your aims in your life and started your journey towards your goals. I heartily wish you all success in your life and your goals. Thanks for the opportunity to share my views. WITH BEST WISHES AND BEST OF LUCK.