Are you scared to take injections???

February 9, 2010 9:50am CST
hi guys frankly speaking from my chilhood am very scared to go to doctors since they put injection... once i started to run around the hospital,my dad nurse and my uncle kept chasing you have any such experience???
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@cintoy (1014)
• Indonesia
10 Feb 10
Hi thunderbala. I too am scared for needles until now. I have never been injected even when i go to doctor. I would rather asked for the medicine then having injection. I just can stand the thinking of the syringe stuck into my arm/bottom. I know and believe that it is not heard as (they say) it is just like being bite by ant. just a while of hurt.. then no more. But i just can't help to avoid the injection. =D i guess, there are some people in this world that have the same feeling as we do and I thought i was the only one.
• India
11 Feb 10
yeah... even i came to know many who are like me....
• India
9 Feb 10
hi iam very scared of injections right from my childhood . but now also fear till the needle comes near to my hand but my doctor known of my fear does not show any signs that he is going to put a injection and suddenly puts it . but now a days i dont have a fear for injections and all now
@lecanis (16664)
• Murfreesboro, Tennessee
9 Feb 10
I've never really been afraid of needles or injections. I'm not sure why. As a kid, I had some horrifically bad experiences with IVs and blood draws, but I impressed the nurses and doctors by just sitting there watching, even when it was going so badly that the phlebotomist was poking all around my arm and I was left bruised all over afterward. I suppose I'm just a bit of a stoic when it comes to that stuff.