Close Buddies

@jes2ie (50)
February 9, 2010 10:08am CST
How many close friends do you have? What is your definition of a "close friend"? Really curious cos personally, I do not have any(except my husband). And for those who doesn't have one too, why not? Thanks for sharing!
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@heroshen (146)
• Reunion
9 Feb 10
i personally only have 2 close friends,1 from school & 1 from army. For my definition of 'close friend' is someone i can trust with, and help me before or go through some sht together before.
@jes2ie (50)
• Singapore
9 Feb 10
Thanks WiseReptiles & heroshen for sharing =) From what you mentioned, sound like your close friends are those whom you have gone through stuff/rough it out together, be in work/school projects/army life. To add on, guess one must also open oneself to another. And to do that, it takes guts to be vulnerable (it doesn't come easy to me) and on the other party's part, like heroshen mentioned "trusted", he/she has to prove himself/herself trustworthy (Yet to find one... or are my expectations too high?). Or vice versa - vulnerable first then find trustworthy pals (like the saying goes - to have friends, one must first be friendly)?? Hmm, guess "chemistry" also play a part? Haa, getting too analytical here now... I'm looking forward to finding a close friend whom I can go through thick and thin with, is trustworthy, accept me for who I am, etc. I want to be the same to this friend =) To FRIENDSHIPS - human beings are not created to be an island but to be inter-connected with another.
• United States
9 Feb 10
I have one very close friend and he is my best friend as well as my business partner. My wife is my other close friend and best friend an then after that I just have people I consider acquaintances.