My life dream is to build my own HOT ROD or better RAT ROD

@fszfox (29)
February 9, 2010 2:43pm CST
Because i live outside of US is quite hard to fullfill my dream. Here in East Europe because of World War 2 and after because of the comunists who stealed peoples private property there aren`t so much old cars.Because a rat rod must be an old car from 1937 to ~1950 this is a hard job to manage. Last summer i was on a point to by a Plymouth but i bought another car wich i could drive. But i hope i`ll cand buy it or other classic car. I would prefer a rat rod, because is less work to do, and i find they are more atractive. also they have a rebel look , you know like BAD BOY`S STYLE
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