How to make money by not spending a dime, can you share....

February 9, 2010 9:03pm CST
I've been wondering for the past weeks me and my co workers are searching, browsing links that make money by spending a dime until such time we ended up in this link the PTCsense in which we started to spend of our extra time until some of us spend out money online for the reason of which maybe it will generate his cash inflows by time 10 but to our surprise one of our co workers told us to be vigilant about making money online so we google this link and boooom it is a is there anyway or better link that you guys can refer? thanks....
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• Indonesia
11 Feb 10 is a good to make money..i had pay twice, today will goes to the third paid.. is a good to make money..i had paid also... is a good to make money...i had pail also... PM me for the proof payment
• India
10 Feb 10
Its not the case of spendig a dime or a million.its all how and where you do it.the internet is so full of scams you may not know what you are is when the experince of others come in.check my profile for the easiest and best way to earn online.The only investment is $2.thats it .unlimited potential to earn.earn I earn atleast $500 in a month.simple and check my profile.
• India
10 Feb 10
hey friend jbacwaden i would like to tell you almost 99% of money making websites are fake. they are not going to pay you any sort of money in your account. if you have knowledge of english i mean good english then you can make money online. i will suggest you to start a blog on the topic of your interest. i have written a lot of things about blogging and making money online on my blog. please visit my blog on my profile. i hope you will see it and learn to make money.
@ybong007 (6658)
• Philippines
10 Feb 10
First is mylot. I've been paid here and i'm awaiting my second payment. If you want to earn extra, check my profile and join me. Cheers!