ET - What's the name of that toy?

@jalucia (1435)
United States
February 9, 2010 10:50pm CST
Watched ET the other day. Tried to get my kids to watch it, but it couldn't hold their attention for some reason. That's ok because I enjoyed. ET is so dated, it's awesome. So, you know that scene where they leave ET at home while they go to school. And, ET starts messing with all of the electronics. But, he keeps going back to that orange toy that teaches kids how to spell. Does anyone remember the name of that toy? I see the toy in my past, but not the name.
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@Dumpertaker (1188)
14 Mar 10
I remember this well, because I used to have one...they even produced an "ET" cartridge for it, which I really wanted but never got! The toy is called Speak & Spell and was made by Texas Instruments. You know I might have hunt this out on eBay!!!