when do you think is the right age for a man to marry?????????

@vorovo (67)
February 10, 2010 1:46am CST
yeah, when do you think is the right age for a young man to get married??? some people would say 26,years while some would say 30 years?? tell me when do you think marriage is right for a young man??
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• Bulgaria
10 Feb 10
I don't think there's an appropriate age for that. It depends when you'll met the right person that you want to marry to.
• China
10 Feb 10
i totally agree with you,but if the right person seem to be very difficult to appear,what can we do, i'm 30, under enormous pressure from family and society, insist or find a person randomly and marry her?
@cloud31 (5811)
22 Feb 10
Well maybe around 30-above is ideal age for man to get marry ..They will much more mature to have their own family in handling some problems etc. Happy lotting!
@hbk2244 (180)
• United States
10 Feb 10
I don't think you can pinpoint an age where a man should get married. A lot of factors go into that. Is he ready to settle down, have a family, be responsible with money, etc. I would venture to say that most men (in the U.S. at least) under the age of 24 are not ready to get married. Guys take a bit longer to mature.
@lasjohan (78)
• Indonesia
10 Feb 10
I think the sooner the better. If you love your girlfriend, soon to marry her and continue to strive and make her happy life with you.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
10 Feb 10
I dont know if there is really the right age for a man to marry because most men I know got married when they were 23 or 25 years old. I dont know if it was the right age for them to get married but they were mature enough to get married and have a family of their own. I think the answers to this topic also depend on the culture of a country. =)
@daliaj (5689)
• India
10 Feb 10
I live in India and here 21 is the lowest age for a man to get married. Discussions are going on to reduce it to 18, where 18 is the minimum age for a girl to get married. I believe that any man more than 18 can get married if he has the mental maturity to get married and has enough money or funds to support the wife in case she is not working and build up a new family.
• Philippines
10 Feb 10
Well I think we should marry a won wehen we are ready to take the responsibility of being a parent. If we have a stable Job or business and obcourse a woman that we love. Well about the age I think we should decide to get marry the woman we love at the age of 27 and up..
@valkerion (1829)
• United Kingdom
10 Feb 10
Well the first thing is to find a woman haha. Anyway, personally I "schedule" it to happen around 30. By that time I will be done with my studies and will have attended army and probably have an OK-money-earning job.