arrrggghhhh ....super bad mood

February 10, 2010 7:02am CST
i am in a super bad moood today. as in my husband and i almost fought about nothing. i am just so touchy! i think this is PMS as i am already having water retention. bad bad. everything is good today, except my mood. i mean, i can have a good mood, then the next moment, i want to just shout. have you also experienced this if you have PMS? well, i guess i will have to direct this question to girls, as guys don't have Premenstrual syndrome. or maybe for the guys, maybe you can tell us your experience if your wife or girlfriend has PMS. ok i am throwing the question on the floor now. time to get the answers rolling! take care all and God bless you! :D
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• Philippines
10 Feb 10
I understand how you feel towards what happened between you and your husband. In every relationship, fight is nothing but normal. It adds spices into a relationship. Well regarding PMS, I haven't experienced such thing for I am normally moody, whether or not my period is about to come. But some women do experienced what you have experienced and I guess, it's okay, as long as you won't go beyond your limitations.