Worst Accident that you encounter

February 10, 2010 8:19am CST
My worst accident that I encounter a when we had our first mountain climbing with some friends. It was fun, inhaling the fresh mountain air and felt the cold breeze. But the worst case is when we got lost in the woods because we fell of a cliff. The 4 of us are seriously injured, rolling down off the mountain. We are totally got lost. We didn't loose hope we find our ways to survive. We shout but nothing hear us. until we make bonfire so other climbers or rescuers will notice it. Thank God, rescuers found us. what's your worst accident ever?
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@junmae (1592)
• Philippines
11 Feb 10
That's horrible! I also heard a lot of accidents in the mountains so I am afraid to do mountain climbing because the place is not friendly at all. I think I dont have a worst accident, but for me the worst accident that i had encountered is when Im studying how to ride a bike and suddenly i was bumped into a car and I got bruises. After that I haven't encounter another accident.
• Philippines
14 Feb 10
Because of the accident on the mountain, I'm become more aware and more brave than before. Accident that I encounter makes me stronger and because of that the accidents that I encounter before will never be repeat again. I remember also when I had my bike accident, it break my left hand, still it heals and recovers for almost 6 months.
@maximax8 (28558)
• United Kingdom
13 Feb 10
My worst accident happened when I was on my trip around the world. I was walking along the pavement and I thought I was stepping into the road. I fell down the open drain. I badly injured my leg. I was carried back to the guest house I was staying at. It was Chinese New Year in Malaysia. I had to limp with crutches over to Tioman Island. My leg swelled up and it was difficult to bend my leg. I came home on the pair of crutches. It was great that you were found by some rescuers on the mountain. They noticed the fire so that was a clever survival strategy. One time I was snorkeling in Samoa. I got dragged out too far and the tide was pushing me. I snorkeled in a semi circle back to the shore. I survived because I was fit to swim all that way. These days in such a situation I might drown I think.
@HansonFan (1659)
• United States
10 Feb 10
When I was 11 I went camping with my father and grandfather. The camper trailer we were in exploded after my dad left but me and my grandfather were very injured. He ended up dying and I was stuck in the hospital for 6 months with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns all over my body and I was lucky to survive.
@Poppin (18)
• Finland
10 Feb 10
Heavy snowing, icy roads, bad visibility and pitch black night. I was kinda playing with the car ( drifting ) and kinda crashed to a streetlight. 2 weeks in hospital, broken hip & both arms + internal bleed. Car was wrecked for good.
@phoenix8606 (4978)
10 Feb 10
Hi! My worst accident that I have ever encountered happened long time ago, when me and some of my friends were on the river to catch some fish. It was in summer and the weather was really nice- sun and hot air. so we caught some fish, but because we wanted some more and we were out of worms, one of my friends decided to catch it with bare hands under the fallen trees. So we all dive, but suddenly one of my friends stucked on the bottom of the river, under a tree, and thanks to my Friend Ivan, who saw him and we all tried to put him out. After half a minute we put him out, but he was unconsciousness and we thought he was drown, but after we tried to turn him on a side, he spited out the water in his lungs and we all were so happy, that he survived. That is really my worst accident, that I have ever encountered!!!