Decreasing price of Electronic Goods

electronic goods - The picture shows some electronic goods which are being sold are very cheaper rate.
February 11, 2010 2:03am CST
Over the years the electronic goods have undergone a substantial decrease in their price. Increasing demand and technical advancement is the best possible reason for this decrease in price. And I think that in the coming years the electronics goods are set to be sold at much lower price as it was never before. Is this a positive sign or a negative sign for the world market? Do decide it
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• India
11 Feb 10
Hi sanjeev, we all know that we are living in age of IT and automation, electronics equipments are the main feature of IT and automation, whether it is mobiles, computers, ipods or any other, I think lower prices of electronic goods is the positive sign, if the prices are lower more and more people can buy and use them so they can quickly be a part of the automation process and the development or enhancement in the living standard will more fast.