Rainbow color

rainbow - The picture shows a rainbow. One can feel its color. They are beautiful gift our our beautiful nature.
February 11, 2010 2:34am CST
We all can feel the pleasure of watching a rainbow in rainy days. Do you know how it is formed? This happens due to dispersion of light. When the sun rays which have a seven color mixture falls on water droplet, each water droplet acts as a prism. Due to this the white color light is dispersed into its seven component colors. And finally light from this falls on our eyes. Thus we are able to see this beautiful gift of nature.
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• Pamplona, Spain
11 Feb 10
Hiya sanjeev, We have loads of rainbows here after Storms which are frequent even in Winter. Also double rainbows are common to and they stay for quite a time in the Sky have you ever seen a backtoback one? I have seen one for the first time. Great description of how a rainbow is formed also. We are having that kind of weather now so the odd Rainbow just might come out.