Top Grossing Film for this year

February 11, 2010 6:02pm CST
This year there are many sequels and prequels of movies. I'm excited to see them all because I'm a movie addict. For my prediction to this year, I think The Harry Potter movie will top this year.. What's yours?
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12 Feb 10
Well although it's not due out till the end of the year I suspect "Tron Legacy" will be the top grossing film. In many ways the way it's being released mirrors that of Avatar, in that over the last year titbits of information has been flowing out of the production to build up expectations, often in a viral marketng manner. It will also see those who saw the original return to the cinema to finaly get the much anticipated sequel. Plus hitting the cinema in December, when it is scheduled for release, will mean that it's only competition will be the slurry of Christmas movies, meaning that those who want to see something not Christmassy will end up watching it. It's the combination of these three things, along with some exciting special effects, which helped both Avatar and Titanic to reach box of success and so makes sense that "Tron Legacy" will follow suit.
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12 Feb 10
hi cute_poporing! I agree on that too! Since that will be the last installment of Harry Potter, I think many fans will be dying to watch it on the cinema. I also think Iron Man 2 will hit the blockbuster by storm. Aside from that, Twilight Saga: "Eclipse" which hopefully be in theaters this year will for sure make some buzz and top the blockbuster chart. Ohhh...I can't wait to see all these film on 3D.. I'm expecting so much for great entertainment this year. Hope we could have some fun time watching all of them! Happy Lotting!