Eating walnut is really good to one's brain??

@Hujing (47)
February 11, 2010 11:05pm CST
Everyone around me tells me that eating walnut is good to human's brain, it can make people more clever. But I really hate it, I never taste it good, however, my parents and friends all ask me to eat more. Oh, my God! It's so horrible.It is really good to my brain? Please share with me, thank you. Best wishes!
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@junrapmian (2170)
• Philippines
12 Feb 10
I remember my father telling me before that I should eat nuts always, especially during school days. Peanuts are very common here in our country, walnuts are very rare, I haven't seen one in my entire life, peanuts here are sold everywhere. It's a belief that peanuts are brain food. I know that researches have proven it already. I have read somewhere that it contains nutrients that are good for our nervous system. If you have a healthy nervous system, most likely, you can think clearly, that's why, I guess, it's really called a brain food. If eating walnuts gives you stress, try other nuts like almonds or macademia, all nut products have the same nutrients, I guess.
@youless (95250)
• Guangzhou, China
12 Feb 10
It seems it is true that eating walnuts are quite good for our health. I don't think it tastes bad. Actually I enjoy eating it. If you don't like eating the walnuts, perhaps baking them will be much more delicious for you. I love China
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@buenavida (8489)
• Sweden
1 Jul 10
More than half of our brain consists of fats, so we need good fats to help our memory and being mentally balanced. I have been listening to some top scientists and they recommend Omega3 from cold water fish, either as a meal or food supplement. I am taking cold pressed salmon oil and wheat germ oil to keep my brain functioning. And yes, my memory is better than before, and I feel a lot happier. All kinds of nuts and seeds, as long as they are not heated, must be good for our brain too. Have you noticed that the walnut looks like a miniature brain.. You have lots of brain food to choose from, so just try and see what you like best.