Do you keep photos of your loveones in your wallet?

@cloud31 (5811)
February 12, 2010 2:00am CST
Do you have a habit of putting your love ones photo in your wallet? How many photo you have inside your wallet and who are they? Happy myLotting! God bless!
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• Philippines
8 Apr 10
Yes i do it, i keep pictures of my love ones in my wallet. I do not know why i do this but it makes me feel that they are always beside on me if i look at their photos. Even if we meet every day but i like to keep it in my pocket.
• Philippines
5 Apr 10
i dont have wallet, i just put my money in my pocket, the picture of my love one is always uploaded in Facebook so that i can still see them everytime im online or surfing the web
@markmoney (2868)
• Philippines
5 Apr 10
Hi cloudie! If the one I love will be giving me a photo of her, yes, I am willing to put it on my wallet. But as of now, all I have is softcopy and it serves as the wallpapers of my cellphones. Hehe! Have a nice day! Happy myLotting!
• Philippines
13 Mar 10
Of course, it's good because everytime I see them in my wallet, I can't help but smile and it would made my day. I have two photos in my wallet, me and the man of my dreams. I have my picture in my wallet because I love myself so much. LOL. It reminds me how much to love myself because sometimes I get low self-esteem.
@monkeylong (3146)
• Guangzhou, China
12 Feb 10
Yeah, Years ago, I usually put my lover's photo in my wallet which I can see her as I like. But some years passed, I get used to puting my lover's picture into my computer which I can see it everyday,too.Because I usually turn on my computer when the first time I wake up from my bed. I think that is a very good choice for me.I enjoy it so much.