when will you say thank you lord

February 12, 2010 2:21am CST
It's very easy to say thank you Lord when we are happy,if we have lots of money & if everything we have, but sometimes it hard to say Thank you Lord in times of sorrows & problems. I have witnessed my parents trials & hardships during my childhold days but I'm so proud of my Father because despite of everthing that has happened He never stop giving thank's to the Lord.One time my legs was fractured because of accident i can't walk for a year, but i wonder why my Father call for a thank's giving service in our house, i was crying that time because i thought my Father was happy with my situation but as the years go by..I just understand.You guys do thank the LORD in good times?or in bad times too???
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• Philippines
17 Feb 10
I thank God each day I wake up and for every blessings He had given me as well as the trials that He had help me to overcome. I thank God for His grace and mercy inspite of my shortcomings and selfishness. I thank God for always reminding me that apart from Him I am nothing. Though there were times that I got lazy of thanking Him because of my circumstances, He remains the same. Always patient, always loving me the same. And at the end of the day, I thank God that His Love make me through until I closed my eyes for a night rest. I also thank God for Psalm 23.
22 Feb 10
Without Him we are nothing that's He's worthy to be thank & praise
@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
12 Feb 10
You have to be thankful at all times no matter what. Even when things are bad they could always be worse. Like your Father thanking the lord due to your fracture. It could have been worse God forbid - but you could have lost the leg completely. So we are have to thank God for all we have good or bad. Remember the good only last for so lone just like the bad things.
12 Feb 10
yeah that's one thing that i really thank the most because until now i'm still alive & enjoy in serving Him
@anjohanna (156)
• Philippines
12 Feb 10
I always does. No matter what my situation is. We must say thank you even if we have problems, because it is still a gift. Not all people can experience what you are experiencing, right? so I thank him all the time. Thank you LORD!!
13 Feb 10
I'm glad you do it too..thanks' for your comment.