A Few Question About Hubpages

@amaine (2037)
February 12, 2010 5:42am CST
Heyya mylotters. I am a member of hubpages. For some, this is a page wherein you would get paid to post articles and at the same time get paid through google adsense. I found it a good website, but definitely am not here to promote it. I just have a few questions about it, and hoping that some people may be able to help me out with this. 1. May I post the content of my blog in hubpages? I found out that people give ratings to hubpages when they found that the article is being posted in another website, such as a blog. 2. Do page impressions from hubpage count as a page impression in google? Well, that's just about it for now. Thanks in advance for your answers! Ooh, and one last thing. May I get tips from hubpages expert around here? :)
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