I love Weiner dogs ^ ^

Weiner Dog in a Bun - Poppy Weiner Dog in a bun
February 12, 2010 11:10am CST
I just love those small cute weiner dog. They are just the cutest dogs you could ever have with those small short legs and long slender body you could just eat them up whole. ^ ^ I have one a long time ago she was my favorite and my one and only lovable pet I could ever had but she passed away huhu. Hopefully someday I could find another one just like her kind of breed. These dogs are smart and they are very emotional just like when the time I ignore my weiner dog because I was so busy at that time with my studies, she always find ways for me to notice her ex. like she block the doorway while sitting down staring to us we could not even pass through the door without noticing her because I was ignoring her, she look at us with that sad poppy face and I feel sad about ignoring her and when I start noticing her again she started running around fill with joy and happiness. hehe They're just unique and smart animals. How bout you, do you love Dachshunds/ Weiner Dogs too? ^ ^
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12 Feb 10
Dachshunds are so cute but so many of them have problems with their backs. The vet once told me that if I was really interested in getting one to be super careful; reason being is that they had been inbreed so much to make them longer that their backs could not handle the weight of their body. And since I have a pretty tall bed that my dog sleeps in with me that jumping off of the bed could dislocate its back. I knew that was a common problem with them as my uncle had one when I was very small that he had to carry everywhere because it had dislocted its back by jumping off the couch.