how much necessary

February 12, 2010 8:12pm CST
friends are the most imp. part of our adolscense life. how much these friend help us in our life. how they carry out the friendship. how they help us in our needs. or they just do it for formality to gain something from us in the future.
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@happy2512 (1266)
• Philippines
13 Feb 10
Yes you are right that friends are the ones we meet along the way while we are growing up some friends are good but mostly are bad if we just try to choose the friends that can help us to become a better and good person everything is only up to us if we let our self to be influenced by them hoping in a good way not in a bad.
• Canada
13 Feb 10
I believe child hood friendships are the pureist of friendships. When we are young we are also considered naieve, and know little about the real world and how things work. So many friendships that you make through grade school and waht not, tend to be true friends. As children, and even going into the teenage years, we dont really think about what we can get out of this person if we become their friend, those things are just suppose to be bonuses. We become friends with someone because you either like the same things or your personalities are similar, whcih usually ends up in a pretty good friendship. I can say i've never made a friend, or even dated a guy just because of what i could get out of it. There was a guy who really liked me, and we were good frineds, and we hung out a lot, and he was good to me. And everyone told me i should date him. I had to stick to my ground though and keep it just strictly friends because yeah sure i could date him, let him spoil me, and get stuff out of it, but then i could also ruin our friendship. My morals tell me it is wrong to use people, and in my life i do everything i can to make other people happy. Many people believe the woman should be the one getting spoiled, but in my case i spoil my husband.