are you self-confident? here are some tips to make you feel so.

@floridia (297)
February 13, 2010 1:54pm CST
hello mylotters! Do you feel yourselves like being very self-confident persons? if so, you are very lucky because self confident persons are considered to be much more successful than those who find it hard to trust themselves. well if you feel yourself like being not self confident my only advice to you is to know your strenth. yes, strenth is what you have and others don't. forexample education, sense of humor, look and similar. concentrate on your power points and try to enhance and improve them and forget your weakness points because they will consum all your time and you won't get a result. i hope you find this discussion useful.
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11 Mar 10
I did an assertiveness course and its the best thing i have ever done for my self confidence it was a brilliant course id suggest one to anybody.It teaches you loads about why people are confident and others not and hoow to change the way you think...Every week when i cme out of the room where the course was held i felt like i could take on the world it was great.Try one seriously youll love it
@avani26 (1521)
• India
4 Mar 10
Yes it is useful. There are some more useful tips that I would like to mention. 1. Identify your strength 2. Look in the mirror and smile. It would make you happier 3. Exercise and Eat Healthy 4. Be positive at all times. 5. Don't keep thinking about your past mistakes. I hope this is useful.