Runescape Money Making

@ekenex (22)
United States
February 13, 2010 7:31pm CST
Whats a good way to make 500k/hour+ in runescape. Im lvl 98 with 73 att, 84 str, 81 hp, 73 def and 79 range. I typically do aviansies or green drags. Occasionally a lvl 3 scroll, but not much money there. So any ideas?
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@vball4 (30)
• Canada
14 Feb 10
Hi I also play runescape. although i am a lower level. level 84 to be exact. I personally would like to know the answer to this question because it seems that the most money i have ever gotten from was killing green dragons. if you just pick up the bones you make about 100k a run. sry for not answering your question.
@mathos17 (68)
• Canada
20 Mar 10
In the time I used to play, I was buying Coal or anything for cheap from f2p and then I was transforming it in another item for members or selling it directly to p2p. I know today you can't do that anymore, but you can still make some good money by using the Grand Exchange. I know it's not the easiest way to make money and you're not leveling any skills, but I used to make a lot of money when I played. The only problem is that you need money to start with if you want to make more. At the begining you might find it hard, but if you keep working at it you'll get good and rich. Unfortunately, sometimes you'll lose money with this method, but you can make so much money when you're good at it, it's really worth the risk of losing some. If you want some tips, start small with not too many objects that doesn't cost too much and when you're good, go with more items and higher priced ones ! Hope that helped you !
• Australia
14 Mar 10
Best money making I know of is double nature runes. I make 1.2-1.7m per hour using tabs, if you use graahks you'd probably make about 300k or so less, but that's still heaps. The 91 rc you need to do this is a terrible pain for most people to get though of course. But, even without 91 rc, you can still do this by requesting assistance on the nature running world. I forget what number it is, but as long as you aren't having to line up for assistance you should be able to make them nearly as fast as if you had 91 rc yourself.