What is your approach when you respond to difficult questions of your closed one

February 13, 2010 11:02pm CST
I find it particularly difficult to go around the bushes when discussing the problem, i am usually someone very direct, very clear, practical and logical, at times people think i am too cold or may be too insensitive, i do not use harsh words, i just make it plain simple black and white, i usually have questions for questions and answer for answers, its funny but thats the reason why i don't ask for opinions most of the time, i am always looking for a direct answer. how do you go about it?
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• India
16 Feb 10
Hello, I also hate beating around the bush, though I also believe that there are certain things that you have to prove with sufficient arguments,examples in a rather round about manner. Sometimes a round about manner found to be more effective than a direct blow. I really hate it when people give weird, or complicated response for a simple and direct question. They just want to make their speech more interesting by making it sound more complicated and figurative. I believe they don't understand the fact that simplicity can indeed be made the most interesting. A simple logic is generally more influencing than clueless equivocation. God bless you
• India
20 Feb 10
Thanks for your answer...
@dhonitea (157)
• Indonesia
14 Feb 10
If me depend on the situation. Firstly, Look the audience if you looking for a direct answer, it is not bad to do.
• India
14 Feb 10
thanks for your answer... but i was hoping for some more application of thought on this answer....
• Philippines
23 Mar 10
In times that I feel like I cannot answer what my partner is asking then I keep quiet for a while. Or I end up saying things that are not relevant to the issue which I regret afterward. But when the situation is already under control then that is the time that I can think clearly and answer him directly.
@andy77e (5165)
• United States
21 Feb 10
I am the same way. I and crystal clear, and direct like a hammer. If something is wrong, then it is wrong. If it is right, then it is right. If that idea is dumb, then it is a dumb idea. Like a ton of bricks, I say exactly what I mean, and mean exactly what I say. Some people appreciate the direct approach. Others despise the direct approach. Since, I can not always tell ahead of time which type of person I am dealing with, I tend to do what comes naturally, and hope it works out. I just try and make it clear I mean no harm, but I will still tell it like it is.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
16 Feb 10
I think we are somewhat the same because I find it difficult too to talk to people especially if they are close to me. I also go around the bush but which ever way you did or what ever you did, the best thing is that you were still bale to tell that person what she needs to know.
• Malaysia
15 Feb 10
only with my husband i am direct on ay discussions, i used to tell him 'it hurts only when you gat the pinch, others wont feel the pinch so they might give you responds which are not relevant to the situation' ~ as you have said, in situations i ask my husband questions as well. eg. when my husband refuses to go to my mothers house, i will ask him, how will his mother or himself will feel if his brother in law (sisters husband) does the same thing, will it hurt him and his family ... but when it comes to other people i jusy dont bother to find the exact solution for the situations especially when i know, nothing can change their mind over matters .. for some, i just follow the flow especially my inlaws as they set 'laws' when n when it suits them right ~ one 'standard' when it is their daughter and another 'standard' when it is daughter in law cheers