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February 13, 2010 11:35pm CST
everywhere in the world you go,people always complain about the current conditions of the schools. i think we have to ask some basic questions that go in a designing curriculum and then evaluate what is currently happening and what are all the changes need to be get us where we want to go. what is the function of educaton in today's world? *i would argue that the main function of education should be to teach people to learn things so quickly in this world that you must know how to learn your own to survive your life time. a reading b math-numbers-without calculator c how to ask questions d how to ask answers e learning how to solve problems using a and b above the development scale of east asia averages 90.4% and 69% while sub saharan africa scales average 60.5% and 50.5%.dont even think that numbers reflect the current student ability to be productive in this modern world. i suspect that a major part of the problem is the class size.the smallest class size that i have seen in a public school is is not possible that size to give students any kind of personal do not encourage atudent asking qoestions in that class of structure things so that answers are right or wrong and dont require long to mark. how can we get around this?
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@joygracia (1328)
• Philippines
14 Feb 10
yes.. I do think your right about that. Students seems to be out of focus of that reality. Also currently, most of people are in poverty state which is a big hindrance to education.
@mari61960 (4895)
• United States
14 Feb 10
I agree the education system in many places is just not good. I can only speak about the U.S.A. As far as education here I think it is severely under funded. We would rather spend more on Fighting and or helping other countries than we should be spending on education here. We all really would be smarter on the whole with much smaller class sizes. Personally I think 12 students is good. They could learn more and faster not being held back by so many others that need help. Naturally most people in the USA would agree with me.....however no one fights or votes for it ....they just like to say "Yea we should...." . I imagine that's the same problem in other countries. Just guessing but it works for me. There wouldn't be so many killings and stabbings and shootings and such at schools if classes were small. Teachers would be a lot more aware of what was going on. 30-40 kids is a bit much for one wouldn't even send your kid to daycare with that ratio...I hope..Well any way I agree wholeheartedly with you. Brightest blessings, Mari