Does Flo from the progressive comercials scare you?

United States
February 14, 2010 7:32am CST
She drives me nuts and is a bit scary. I have never really like those commercials because of her. I seen the other day they are running a contest for someone to be her side kick. Omg those contestants are freaky too! check it out on then click watch tryouts. Do they seem weird to you?
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@GardenGerty (94513)
• Marion, Kansas
14 Feb 10
Flo does not scare me, but I agree she is kind of weird. I am of course related to a lot of weird people, so it is okay. I do not like the commercials either, and I just do not find a point of relevance for me. That might be because I have had the same insurance agent for over thirty years. I think of it this way, you have to be a little bit weird if you want to try out to be in a goofy type of commercial like Progressive. I am just a really private person. They would have to pay me really big bucks to do something like that. Flo looks like maybe a modified fifties type character, and the scary thing is, I used to wear my hair that way. Someone I know online, and I am not sure if it was on MyLot or another site, said that they thought her red lipstick was scary. I am sure that anyone they choose to help Flo will be a little bit weird, or a lot weird, as the case may be.
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• United States
14 Feb 10
Yea I understand that commericals take something unique and you need a good focus point but she just creeps me out makes me want to never try progressive. She is always so upbeat and wierd acting. I have weird family too but none of them compare to Flo. I believe there is a lot of good videos in response if they are looking for someone like her but what if they wanted something different everyone trying to be her isnt going to help them out. I guess my point is why cant they be themselves vs. trying to be a character they are no just to get a role in a commerical.